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Full Stack Developer

If you love to code and if hacking is kinda your night life activity then this might be interesting to you. We are looking for a full-stack developer who is capable to manage and lead our frontend and backend team.
We hire only nice people.


Miami, FL



What You’ll Do

  • Assist in developing new features in services and tools maintained by applications written in Python and Java

  • Assist in building new scanning and reporting capabilities identified by best practices and workshops

  • Assist in providing clear future scenario products enhancing our business ecosystem.

  • Building integrations tools e.g. GitHub app to provide an integrated experience for the tool with source control.

  • Assist in adding new capabilities to exsisting User Interface (UI) based on requirements and feedback.

  • Assist in enhancing UI to be more user -friendly and capture feedback from end-users.

  • Support engineering teams to adopt tools and services into their ecosystems, collaborate with teams to remediate issues/bugs

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