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UX/UI Designer

Creative leader like Da Vinci? We are calling you. We need peeps who are ready born leaders and made to tackle creative problems. Your understanding of the web3 market is kinda important, but your creative view is the most significant. Looking for open minds.


Miami, FL



What You’ll Do

  • Identifying key research objectives in partnership with product, design, marketing and engineering teams to address research needs for a variety of products and projects throughout the product life cycle.

  • Choosing the right research to do at the right time and synthesize results into a coherent and truthful story, as well as create effective models that reflect those results such as journey maps, process flows and user segments.

  • Knowledge of qualitative research methods.

  • Designing compelling and digestible deliverables focused on visually telling the story and highlighting important insights for longevity.

  • Socializing, collaborating and presenting research to multiple teams and leaders across the organization.

  • Collaborating to define best practice frameworks, research methodologies and documentation surrounding research activities at each stage of the product life cycle, from prototyping through beta testing to market scale.

  • Working on strategic need-state research to drive product innovation, while managing day to day usability and product testing.

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