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Do you like to go to the Casino? If yes, then this ... no jk! If you're good with probabilities and coding than this might be your newest hit. We are looking for peeps that can use SQL, Python, R and other scripted languages completely outstanding (or just completely good is also fine).


Miami, FL



What You’ll Do

  •  Build rules, algorithms and machine learning models, to respond to and mitigate business risks in 17FRIENDS products/platforms. Such risks include and are not limited to account integrity, scapler, deal-hunter, malicious activities, brushing, click-farm, information leakage etc.

  • Analyze business and security data, uncover evolving attack motion, identify weaknesses and opportunities in risk defense solutions, explore new space from the discoveries.

  • Define risk control measurements. Quantify, generalize and monitor risk related business and operational metrics. Align risk teams and their stakeholders on risk control numeric goals, promote impact-oriented, data-driven data science practices for risks.

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