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Back in May 2021, one phone call started it all. Shaping ideas around virtual expressions and appearance with the world's best-skilled team, second to none partners, and chill people that are desperate for change.

Join the vibe.


Expressing yourself in the digital world

Our lives are progressively moving into the digital space, but how will you represent yourself? You need a digital twin. Humanity is in 2022, it is impossible that we are still not able to express ourselves fully in the metaverse. Join the revolution and bring your every-day items to the digital world. Fashion, mobility and real estate assets or even new skins will be your way to show who you are in the new world. 

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Our Journey So Far

Q3 2021

Research & Business Development

The founding team started developing the project already in the early months of 2021. A simple phone call made it all happen. 

Little did we know this would be the best decision of our lives.

Q4 2021

Prototype Development

Between the last summer days and Christmas under palm trees in silicon valley, we designed the prototypes, developed our team, and built our very first own marketplace (launching soon).

Mudabbir Khawaja

Mudabbir Khawaja

CEO & Creative Director

The guy with the funny socks.

Christian Benzing

Christian Benzing

CBO & Investor Relations

Go big or go home.

Kyra Anderle

Kyra Anderle

COO & Technological Director

In Bitcoin she trusts.

Boris Kühn

Boris Kühn

CFO & Finance

"Numbers ain't lying."

Urban Modern Interior Design

Hear, hear!

Not to brag, but...

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